Nothing represents your company or association more visibly than your logo.

Let Chase & Snow create a logo that fits your needs exactly. The design process is of course in tight cooperation with you, and we always offer multiple logo alternatives to you to choose from.

  • The Tillam logo shows a clock at 10 after 10 between the two ls, while the second l is mirrored to form a clock housing. 

  • Logo for a blog and brand Beyond Buckthorns - a couple's permaculture journey in Finland. Fittingly the logo incorporates a sea buckthorn branch as its centerpiece.

  • The Biogascentral Logo consists of multiple parts. In the middle there is the American sign language sign for "I love you".

  • Developed by a given idea from a colleague. Berliniced, nicest Berlin T-Shirts and souvenirs, emphasis is on the NICE in the word BerliNICEd. 

  • Solar C³ITIES is a German association. They are into development aid creating biodigesters (mini biogas plants) around the globe. 

  • KARO is a community atelier and showroom in Essen Nordstadt. Their logo was getting obsolete, so in 2014 we created a new, modern logo.

  • Logo, business card and flyer of the brewing directory website Lautering.net

  • In 2008 we designed the logo of the Clanconnel Brewing Company.

  • Worsted Knitt is a knitting blog, therefore the logo is formed by a knitting needle for knitting in the round.

  • Shirts of Berlin is a speciality web shop. They offer a selection of Berlin related t-shirts and souvenirs.