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  • Finnish management coach Ellen Lindell's website is clear and information-filled package that presents Ellen and her areas of knowledge in-depth.

  • was a joint effort.

  • Humuspehtoori is one of the forerunners of circular economy and upcycling agricultural and forest industry waste products into organic fertilizers and land improvement products for farmers all...

  • CMS website for a new housing area in Pälkäne, Finland. We did the project for municipality Pälkäne, who needed to inform and advertise its newly opened area for new housing.

  • was migrated from Wordpress to Drupal, as Drupal offers much more functionality in dynamically customizable list filtering and in guided content creation than Wordpress...

  • A complete redesign and rebuild of garden designer Tanja Nieminen's website.

  • RUG image of front page


    RUG (revolution dressed up as gardening) is run by Peter Mellet, father of the in 2014 died Paul(o) Mellet.

  • Solar C³ITIES is a non profit association. They are into development aid, focusing on mini biogas plants. They create these systems around the globe.

  • German Artist Sabine Dio creates astonishing sculptures from different materials. Her website started showing its age and therefore Chase & Snow made a new one.

  • KARO is an artist community at the Essener Nordstadt, Germany. Our webdesigner Dominik was part of this community from February to September 2014.

  • Website of the Technische Berufskollege Solingen.

  • is The Brewing Network online - a Community about beer. The site comes with many sections: