Chase & Snow created many differnt logos, business cards, etiquettes, adverts, flyers, broschures over the past years.
Find a list of them below. 

  • A series of ads for Humuspehtoori for a variety of magazines and weekly newspapers. Product first, image building second was our motto.

  • As a part of the Sweet and Simple service package for Soili's Taxi, a local small taxi company, we created a new website as well as business cards and a A5...

  • A series of three ads created for Pälkäne municipality to promote their various websites on the outdoor LED-screens at the local skiing centre Sappee.

  • A business card bundle for the agricultural & seed company Pelto-Paturi Oy. Our usual bundle, which includes design, print and delivery.

  • We create business cards to small business owners in all fields.

  • Highly individualized, ready-to-go business cards designed, printed and delivered for Pictrix, a painter & restorer.

  • Chase & Snow created a flyer for a series of music events in Nuremburg, Germany called B-Side Sessions.

  • We designed the DIN A5 flyer for a popup Joulukahvila (Christmas-Café) event.

  • Individual business cards designed, connections to the printing office and delivery organised - that's our easy business card service, here for a luxury lingerie company Lingerie Finland.

  • Full service business card deal for a stone jewellery store - design, printing and delivery to the customer's location. It doesn't get easier than this!

  • The Tillam logo shows a clock at 10 after 10 between the two ls, while the second l is mirrored to form a clock housing. 

  • Logo for a blog and brand Beyond Buckthorns - a couple's permaculture journey in Finland. Fittingly the logo incorporates a sea buckthorn branch as its centerpiece.