Website of Finnish songwriter and entertainer Aimo Kokkola. Aimo had a website, but it was showing its years and was also not responsive. We sat down with him and worked out a concept reflecting his persona - which in essence is what his customers buy - and as a result created a website with a clear, modern design and a strong technical build underneath.

The html-site is responsive on devices of all sizes and search engine optimized on-site for suitable keywords. We also host the site and have an agreement on quick updates of content should that become necessary.


  • Who says html-websites are old fashioned? Not us. When a CMS is not needed, it simply is not needed.
  • A Drupal 8 -based website for Promotion Concept, a Helsinki-based company that specializes in giveaway products and business gifts.
  • Multilingual website for All Ice Chalets, two chalet-type apartments for rent in the heart of skiing area Ylläs.
  • The hiking area Laipanmaa in Pirkanmaa region, Finland, needed a website to enable more visitors to find the recreational forest area.