Koti Roholasta

CMS website for a new housing area in Pälkäne, Finland. We did the project for municipality Pälkäne, who needed to inform and advertise its newly opened area for new housing. A broad reach of potential new residents and building site buyers was required. A modern look and easy-to-use back end were created, as well as a funky blog. SEO, domain, hosting and user training were as always a part of our service.

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  • Humuspehtoori is one of the forerunners of circular economy and upcycling agricultural and forest industry waste products into organic fertilizers and land improvement products for farmers all arou
  • Web shop refresh for puutarhaetsivat.fi webshop, where garden designs are sold as downloadable products.
  • Three sister websites for a growing cleaning company Tulola Oy.
  • Who says html-websites are old fashioned? Not us. When a CMS is not needed, it simply is not needed.