Penttilän Tila Website

Penttilän Tila's Website was a fun and multifaceted project. We did the complete websesign and webdevelopment, including the following:

- straightforward, user-friendly and of course responsive, individual design
- development of a lean, fast website
- custom-made products page to especially present Penttilä's delicious foods
- multilingual site - currently in English, German and Russian in addition to Finnish
- the abovementioned translations
- content creation: some of the texts as well as product photographs
- social media connections integrated prominently, but keeping the design uncluttered
- as always at Chase & Snow, the site is highly search engine optimized, technically as well as pertaining to content.

Projects like these really make our heart beat a bit faster, as they really help the customer bring his business forward, plus they are challenging and at the same time really, really fun to do!

Penttilän Tila website Products detail
Penttilän Tila website Products page
  • The hiking area Laipanmaa in Pirkanmaa region, Finland, needed a website to enable more visitors to find the recreational forest area.
  • A complete redesign and rebuild of garden designer Tanja Nieminen's website.
  • Salus Qualitas Consulting Oy's website. This consulting company's page was getting old and lacked for example in responsiveness.
  • We create business cards to small business owners in all fields.