A Drupal 8 -based website for Promotion Concept, a Helsinki-based company that specializes in giveaway products and business gifts. Their old website had good information but was hardly findable online. We refreshed the look with a complete new design and built a sturdy, modern, search engine friendly site to present Promotion Concept's values, products and team. The site is easy to use for the one updating it regularly and new products can be added and old ones modified with just a few clicks. It is built thinking of the end user - visual, readable and informational. website front page website drop down menu


  • was a joint effort.
  • Finnish management coach Ellen Lindell's website is clear and information-filled package that presents Ellen and her areas of knowledge in-depth.
  • Humuspehtoori is one of the forerunners of circular economy and upcycling agricultural and forest industry waste products into organic fertilizers and land improvement products for farmers all arou
  • Three sister websites for a growing cleaning company Tulola Oy.