SQC's Website

Salus Qualitas Consulting Oy's website. This consulting company's page was getting old and lacked for example in responsiveness. We redid the design and built the site in a modern way so that it could be used on all sizes of screens, plus we improved the technical onsite SEO as well as the text optimization of the texts and meta data.

Henkilöesittelyt SQC Oy


  • Humuspehtoori is one of the forerunners of circular economy and upcycling agricultural and forest industry waste products into organic fertilizers and land improvement products for farmers all arou
  • Web shop refresh for puutarhaetsivat.fi webshop, where garden designs are sold as downloadable products.
  • Three sister websites for a growing cleaning company Tulola Oy.
  • Who says html-websites are old fashioned? Not us. When a CMS is not needed, it simply is not needed.