Technisches Berufskolleg Solingen

Website of the Technische Berufskollege Solingen. Our cooperation with the vocational school Solingen started with training - we helped the soon-to-be key user of the schools Drupal 7 website on how to use Drupal. The first plan of the school was to have this teacher/key user create the complete website. This ended up to be too much work for one person, so we were involved in the development of the site.

The site consists of several sections which reflect the complex structure of the school. Every section must be updateable by the teachers and give the director a chance to check new changes - this demands a multifaceted structure of the website. The website is very flexible and user friendly. To this day we continue to work with TBK on the site, developing and supporting it as needed.

TBK Solingen Website
TBK Solingen Website


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