Chase & Snow is in essence a webdesign company. We love the Web, and we love design, and we do both well.

We offer webdesign and -development with more than 10 years of professional experience. At Chase & Snow design and development go hand in hand, so you can be sure you get a good-looking website that really works.

Webdesign purity by Chase & Snow
  • The hiking area Laipanmaa in Pirkanmaa region, Finland, needed a website to enable more visitors to find the recreational forest area.

  • A complete redesign and rebuild of garden designer Tanja Nieminen's website.

  • Salus Qualitas Consulting Oy's website. This consulting company's page was getting old and lacked for example in responsiveness.

  • A local small logger / lumberjack company  needed a website as they wanted to expand their current line of business and needed to reach new customers online.

  • Penttilän Tila's Website www.potturieska.fi was a fun and multifaceted project.

  • Maakunto is a new, revolutionary agricultural company in Finland, and we were honored to build their presentation and fundraising website.

  • Website of Finnish songwriter and entertainer Aimo Kokkola. Aimo had a website, but it was showing its years and was also not responsive.

  • Berliniced is a unique webshop that sells Berlin related organic shirts and souvenirs. We used photos from Dominikjais.com

  • Tillams are clocks made from recycled hard drives. Tillam.one is a showcase of their work.

  • A presentation page of horse stable in Lippetal, Germany. The site is a picture-rich OnePager that comes with different presentation presets. 

  • Beyondbuckthorns.com is a blog about a married couples journey into permaculture in Finland.

  • The Blueprint Network is an alliance of multidisciplinary practitioners from the humanitarian and sustainability sectors.

  • RUG image of front page


    RUG (revolution dressed up as gardening) is run by Peter Mellet, father of the in 2014 died Paul(o) Mellet.

  • Solar C³ITIES is a non profit association. They are into development aid, focusing on mini biogas plants. They create these systems around the globe.

  • German Artist Sabine Dio creates astonishing sculptures from different materials. Her website started showing its age and therefore Chase & Snow made a new one.

  • KARO is an artist community at the Essener Nordstadt, Germany. Our webdesigner Dominik was part of this community from February to September 2014.

  • Lautering.net is The Brewing Network online - a Community about beer. The site comes with many sections:

  • Worsted Knitt is a lifestyle blog specialized in knitting, crafts and books. It was founded in 2006 and got a design makeover in 2015. 

  • Back in 2009 we designed the website for the micro brewery Clanconnel Brewing Company, Northern Ireland. The website was a beautiful presentation site of the brewery and its beers.