Vendia Woods Videos

Vendia Video still 01 by Chase & Snow
Vendia Video still 02 by Chase & Snow
Vendia Video still 03 by Chase & Snow

At Vendia Woods they are passionate about creating exceptional boat planks for various uses. To showcase their products and give potential customers a glimpse into the beauty and elegance of the boats built with Vendia on an international boating fair, they commissioned us to create a high-quality video as part of their marketing efforts.

We captured stunning footage of the boat both on and off the water, using drones and videography. The videos we took highlight the sleek design and exceptional craftsmanship of boats built with Vendia planks. 

The finished marketing videos were combined with calming music, still photos and other video material to create a smooth and informative marketing tool. The video scripts were developed with the client. The final products were two videos in two versions, one with English and one with German subtitles.


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