was a joint effort. The graphic guidelines as well as logo and packaging designs came from Wonderful Graphic Design and most of the copy from long-time pro copywriter Aino Krohn. We created the technical base on Drupal 8 as well as adjusted the design elements and guidelines to work online for a fresh look and seamless responsive web design.

The site hosts product presentations but also a recipe bank (which is being constantly added to) as well as a blog to keep customers updated about what is happening at the most likely first-ever Finnish gnocchi factory in Penttilän tila, Aitoo. Some of the copy is from our pen, too, as are some SEO adjustments and of course the technical SEO which comes as a given with all our sites - no extra plugins or work for the customer are needed.

Penttilän tilan gnocchi- ja rieskareseptit
Penttilän tila - reseptinäkymä
Penttilän tila - tuote-esittelysivu


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  • Who says html-websites are old fashioned? Not us. When a CMS is not needed, it simply is not needed.