Rautajärvi village website

We were invited to create a website for Rautajärvi village using our Extended Snow page building system. This was a great experience, and it gave the active village a powerful tool to communicate with their audience, and for us it gave the chance to showcase the power of our system's features.

Few of the most exciting features we implemented was the events and news sections. This allowed Rautajärvi to keep everyone up to date on everything that was happening and enable people to participate. We made sure to create an intuitive interface that made it easy for the volunteers to update the website regularly. We also took great care to help make the website was visually appealing and easy to navigate.

The design was done together with Rautajärvi. We created a clean and modern design for them to get creative on. This was especially important since the website was intended to serve as a hub for the entire community and especially local photos play a huge part on the site.

The project of course included extensive teaching and showcasing the system, so that the village volunteers will have an easy time keeping it up to date in the future. Thanks for the great work together, Rautajärvi!


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