Are you looking to add an engaging, interactive element to your website? Our team can create custom maps and interactive maps that will captivate your audience and provide valuable information.

Whether you need a map to showcase the location of your business, highlight popular attractions in a tourist destination, or illustrate the spread of a particular phenomenon, we have the expertise and tools to bring your vision to life. Especially our interactive maps allow users to explore and engage with the data in a dynamic and intuitive way, making them a powerful and effective communication tool.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create stunning maps and interactive maps for your website.


Maps - finished Projects


We were invited to create a website for Rautajärvi village using our…

We're proud to present, a website designed to serve the permaculture community in the Nordic countries. We believe that…

EupN Website

We recently migrated the European Permaculture Network (EuPN) website from WordPress to Drupal, giving the customer more options and freedom to…

Our client from Penttilän Tila, Heikki, started a new endeavour and built a traditional Finnish smoke sauna (actually there are two) close to his…

Marjatila Luomuakin verkkosivut

We created a sweet and simple website for the organic berry farm Marjatila Luomuakin. The site is a static website which tells the story of…

Eriklinna front page

Multilingual website for Eriklinna, a luxury log cabin in Ylläs. The privately-held, very high standard log villa Eriklinna is not just any…


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