The CMS we use, Drupal, comes with an easy to use WYSIWYG text editor where you see your content as it will appear on the site while writing it. Creating news and other postings like blog texts is easy and convenient.

After writing simply categorize and tag your content to establish post to post interlinking and make your content available for RSS readers or send your news out with a newsletter system.

Community Project Website -
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News Examples

Community Project Website -

The community project Yhteinen Pälkäne is an Leader/EU financed project that aims to bring all different parties in the area of Pälkäne…

Verkkosivut Pälkäneen Valokuidulle

We updated the website of Pälkäneen Valokuitu, a local fiber optic grid company from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. Along with the technical upgrade we…

Suomen Permakulttuuriyhdistyksen verkkosivut

We built the Finnish Permaculture Associations website on our platform created specially for associations. The platform (running on Drupal 8) has…

Luopioisten Säästöpankkisäätiö Website

Luopioisten Säästöpankkisäätiö s.r, a bank-based foundation that supports local sports, culture and well-being, needed a website. They wanted to…

Penttilän tila Aitoo etusivu was a joint effort. The graphic guidelines as well as logo and packaging designs came from…

Johdon kouluttaja Ellen Lindellin verkkosivut

Finnish management coach Ellen Lindell's website is clear and information-filled package that presents Ellen and her areas of knowledge in-depth.…


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