Netzwerk-Fotoarchive was migrated from Wordpress to Drupal, as Drupal offers much more functionality in dynamically customizable list filtering and in guided content creation than Wordpress ever could. We used the theme "Classy" as a base theme, which makes it possible to implement own themes quickly and easily. In addition to that it allows the use of various tools that make the working process easier.

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  • Humuspehtoori is one of the forerunners of circular economy and upcycling agricultural and forest industry waste products into organic fertilizers and land improvement products for farmers all arou
  • Three sister websites for a growing cleaning company Tulola Oy.
  • Who says html-websites are old fashioned? Not us. When a CMS is not needed, it simply is not needed.
  • A Drupal 8 -based website for Promotion Concept, a Helsinki-based company that specializes in giveaway products and business gifts.